Mortgage Lenders

First Caribbean Building Society

Jamaica National Building Society

From as early as 1867, the concept of the Building Society was introduced to Jamaica to assist working and middle class people in realizing their dream to own their own home. In the ensuing years, a number of Building Societies sprung to life and in the year 1865, an Act for the Regulation and Encouragement of Benefit Building Societies was passed.

The Jamaica National Building Society (JNBS) is the product of a series of mergers pioneered by the Westmoreland Building Society. Today, Jamaica National is ranked among Jamaica’s largest financial institutions offering a blend of financial services and mortgage plans to customers living in Jamaica, the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Canada and The Cayman Islands.

Scotiabank Jamaica Building Society

The Scotia Jamaica Building Society is a subsidiary of the Scotiabank Jamaica Group, charged with the responsibility to make a positive contribution to the nation as a home loan provider.

Victoria Mutual Building Society

128 years ago this noble and venerable institution began with the vision of transforming savers into homeowners. Over the years, the organisation has developed a network of loyal customers and business partners who remain confident that Victoria Mutual operates at the highest level of integrity and commitment.

Building on its enviable tradition, the organisation has undertaken a transformation process with the goal of becoming a more adaptable, nimble and diversified financial institution that can operate successfully in a liberalized and globalized environment. This will involve taking advantage of new innovations, creating an empowered and motivated workforce and adopting a customer-centric approach to business. New vision and mission statements and core values have also been developed to guide the members of staff of the Victoria Mutual Group (VM Group) in achieving these objectives.

First Mortgage Brokers

First Mortgage Brokers (Jamaica) Ltd. (FMB) has been established with its mandate being to satisfy the unfilled need and demand for a central entity, to coordinate the mortgage origination processes i.e. the mortgage application and accessing mortgage financing, on behalf of the prospective purchaser.

Our Concept

FMB was incorporated on June 28, 2005 as a limited liability company. The company was established with its core objective being to act as mortgage brokers and advisors. The company commenced operations on October 1, 2005 and operate out of offices at 1 Tremaine Road, Kingston 6, providing services to clients island-wide but with particular emphasis on Kingston & St. Andrew, St. Catherine, Manchester, St. James & St Ann.

National Housing Trust

The National Housing Trust was established in 1976 to address the housing shortage which resulted from a growing population and the inadequate annual output of houses by the public and private sectors. The Trust emerged out of the need for a financial institution that could mobilise additional funds for housing and ensure that those funds are available to more Jamaican families at rates below the traditional markets rates.The institution was given a broad mandate:

to add to and improve the country’s existing supply of housing;
to enhance the usefulness of the funds of the Trust by promoting greater efficiency in the housing sector.

The NHT is funded by a combination of personal and corporate contributions. Employers are required to deduct 2% of each employee’s salary along with 3% of their own wage bill and remit these funds to the NHT on a monthly basis. Self-employed persons contribute 2% or 3% of earnings depending on the occupational category in which they fall.Under the NHT Act, all employed persons, between the ages of 18 and 65, who are earning the minimum wage and over must make contributions to the Trust.

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