Jamaica Online Telephone Directory

LIME (formerly Cable & Wireless Jamaica}, one of Jamaica’s provider of national and international fixed line services publishes the Telephone Directory widely used by Jamaicans for phone number information. The link below will take you directly to Cable & Wireless Jamaica Online Directory.

OR Click the image below

Please note the following:

There are 2 Directories,

1) Kingston & St. Andrew for all searches within Kingston & St. Andrew

2) Island of Jamaica for all areas outside of Kingston and St. Andrew

Once you click on either territory, you will have a chance to search for your number in Search engine format or Yellow Pages format. You may use the Search Engine format if you want a chance to search using a ‘Search Engine Style’ presentation. The yellow pages format gives you a chance to see the actual pages of the Yellow Pages Book online.

Helpful Tip

After choosing a territory, you will see a few tabs for different sections of the Directory. The Government Tab allows you to search for Government Office numbers and addresses, Embassy and Consulate Information. While the Visitor’s Guide Tab shows cultural information about Jamaica, attractions in each parish and a Calendar of events for the year.

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