Benefits of Using a Real Estate Agent when buying a House in Jamaica

6 Benefits of Using a Real Estate Agent when Buying a House in Jamaica

By Stephanie Treasure

Buying Real Estate can seem like a daunting task not only to the first time homebuyer but also to the Real Estate Investor.  This is no different for persons interested in buying Jamaica Real Estate.  There are a number of reasons why professional assistance from a licensed Real Estate Agent or Broker just makes sense.  Below we list some of these reasons:

  1. Experience and Education  A licensed Jamaica Real Estate Agent has been trained in the Real Estate buying process and knows all the steps that need to be followed including all the paperwork that needs to be completed.
  2. Ready Market of Sellers   A Jamaica Real Estate Agent opens up the prospective buyer to his/her ready market of persons that have put their homes up for sale. 
  3. Knowledge of the Market  A good Jamaica Real Estate Agent knows the market which is a big help.  An Agent can help determine how much you can afford, in what neighbourhood, with what amenities, etc.
  4. Timesaver  A Jamaica Real Estate Agent can help to cut down your time by doing the research into what’s available in your price range and requirements for a home and even schedule the home tours for you.
  5. Negotiation  Jamaica Real Estate Agents are a big help with the negotiation process as some buyers prefer to stay away from the bargaining table.  Real Estate Agents usually know how far they can go to bring down the price.
  6. Referrals  A Jamaica Real Estate Agent can refer you to specialists in the field like lenders, inspectors, appraisers or attorneys.

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